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Our Story

In October 2008 the Compassion Quebec opened its doors at 110 rue St Jean in Quebec.

With demand growing steadily, the center helps hundreds of people with their approach to their medical cannabis needs and its derivatives.

Almost two years later, June 3, 2010, illegal procedures and arrests are held throughout the province in the medical cannabis dispensaries, clinics and other businesses of its kind accross Quebec. Employees of Compassion Quebec faced charges of production, trafficking and conspiracy. Proceedings were conducted for over 3 years and on May 17, 2013, the Quebec court status for employees, gave the verdict of acquittal without conditions for all employees!

It is with sincere pleasure that we can give you the services again, this time based in Montreal, Version 2.0 as the Clinique La Croix Verte  / Health & Natural Health Clinic.

A specialized and stable professional team; specialized therapists, herbalists and naturopaths, specialized herbal horticulturists, competant, bilingual and courtious employees. A clean environment, transparancy and especially quality, superior controlled source products.

The directors and employees sincerely thank you for your support and we are very pleased to continue our work with you.

Shantal Arroyo et Mike Sandev,

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Clinique la croix verte - Our Story