Our mission since 2008

We are a unique team of Quebec health professionals working with new tendencies in health treatment, specializing in medicinal cannabis and its derivatives. A young, dynamic team, with a strong professional work ethic.

  • Inform our members of medical cannabis and other natural, alternative health products currently available in Quebec.
  • Provide additional expertise on various traditional and herbal medications and medicinal marijuana.
  • Provide comprehensive monitoring of members in coordination with their diet, lifestyle and medical condition.
  • Listen and provide support to our members having difficulty accessing medicinal cannabis.
  • Advise people using cannabis and its derivatives for medicinal purposes and assist them in their choices.
  • Provide services to our members with Canadian production licenses.
  • Provide safe, reliable access to medical cannabis and derivative products with a courteous, skilled and respectful staff.
  • Provide medical cannabis and medicinal herbal products and their derivatives from professional suppliers with appropriate standards of quality and control.
  • Provide access to different medical cannabis products and services to those of our members on low or fixed income.
  • Provide legal assistance to those with legal problems related to their use of medicinal cannabis.
  • Provide medicinal cannabis and herbal medicines workshops.

Use of marijuana for medical purposes

Use of marijuana for medical purposes
Clinique la croix verte - Mission

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