How to become a member

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Clinique la croix verte - Certificate of diagnosis from a doctor
* Must be filled by your doctor.

What is required

18 year olds or older,or accompanied by a legal Guardian.

Please provide us with all of the documents listed below:
  • The doctor's signature and your diagnosis should appear on the same page
  • Clinic's form: Diagnosis certification signed by a doctor
  • Prescription or consultation request for our services
  • Updated medication list
  • MMPR or ACMPR license (Health Canada License)
  • Valid ID

You can send your documents by email at: or bring them in person at our clinic.

We will contact you if we need more information to process your file.

Every file is confidential.

We reserve the right to refuse a file deemed incomplete.

Note: a simple prescription for the use of medical cannabis doesn’t automatically give you access to our services. Every file has to be approved.

Processing your file

  • A one week delay is necessary to treat and analyse the completed files by our professionals.
  • When a file is approuved, a confidential meeting with a certified cannabis consultant will be planned to inform you of the different options and services offered by the clinic.
  • A card with your picture and membership number will then be given to you for identification purposes and to grant you access to all of the clinic's services.
  • No membership or admission fees. A one-time only fee will be required for the opening and processing of your file.
  • Additional fees may be charged to members requesting a private meeting with one of our consultants.

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